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Company History

Bruington Engineering, LLC was founded by Steven L. Bruington in September of 1986. Motivated by a strong desire to apply his experience with Getty Oil Company and Bagnall & Barber, Inc., Bruington formed this new company to provide premium petroleum engineering and well-site consulting services in the South Texas region. He strongly desired to incorporate into his work those qualities that were largely missing from the modern oilfield: field-based experience, honesty, credibility and reliability.

Building an engineering service company from scratch proved to be no small task – not to mention accomplishing this during the depths of perhaps the worst crash in oilfield history. As the company started gaining ground, Bruington began to expand his product offering and work force.

Vision Statement

Bruington Engineering, LLC provides superior technical and operational expertise to oil and gas operators in all phases of drilling, completion, production engineering, and economic analysis. It also provides consulting services to professional firms and financial institutions.

Our people behave ethically by being truthful, courteous and respectful. We value professionalism, long-term relationships and effective communication, both internally and with our customers and vendors.

Customer service is our first priority. The company’s goal is to maintain a reputation capable of attracting customers by effectively identifying and serving their individual needs.

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